Author instructions

Registration and acceptance of report abstracts has been extended until August 1, 2023
Participation in the conference is free due to the martial law in Ukraine!

Author instructions


The language of publication: Ukrainian, English


  1. The thesis will be written no longer than 2 pages, typed in text editor Microsoft Word 2003-2007.
  2. Paper title should be written with Times New Roman, TNR 14, bold, all capital letters, centered. Author(s) names and indicating the academic degree will be written under title paper with TNR 12, bold, centered, and will be preceded by a space. Below will be written the full name of the organization.
  3. The text of the thesis should be written with Times New Roman and will be preceded by a space after full name of the organization. The page setup will be: A4 with margins top 2 cm, bottom 2 cm, left 2 cm, right 2 cm, «Times New Roman», indent – 1,25 cm, style – Normal, line spacing – single; text alignment on width, word wrap – automatic.
  4. Formulas typed in Microsoft Equation, centered, the numbering at the end of the row.
  5. The pictures should be centered underneath the figure number and title in bold, for example, Fig. 1 – the name of the picture.
  6. Tables are placed in the center. The title of the table indicates by a dash after the number at the center of the line in bold, for example, Table 1 – the name of the table.
  7. Abbreviations of physical quantities are performed in Latin characters according to SI.
  8. The word References should be written in bold, centered, and will be preceded by a space after the text of the thesis.
  9. The text will be distributed in the following sections: Title, Author(s), Full name of the organization, Introduction, Materials and methods, Results, Conclusion, References.
  10. The file must be saved in the format *.doc (*.docx) and called by the names of author(s) (for example Stevens_Cooper_Jackson.doc).

  • Registration form and the thesis for participation in the Conference must be completed and returned before 1 June 2023.
  • Edit and approve the content of the thesis and notification of authors will be held in
  • A scan of the payment receipt will be sent until 15 July 2023.
  • Please send to e-mail address:
  • Contact person: Olga Sinytsia


The organizational payment for the publication of thesis and Conference participation
  • for foreign participants …………..………………………..150 $ (50 $ remote participation)
  • for Ukrainian scientists …………………………………….600 UAH
  • for industry representatives ……………………………….1500 UAH
  • for Ukrainian masters, post-graduate students…..……350 UAH
  • correspondence participation in the conference (conference materials in electronic form)……………..350 UAH
The Poster Session will be included in the Conference.
The poster should be A1 size (landscape or portrait).
Requirements to the structure of the poster
  • The title of report, name, and address of the author(s) is at the top of the poster and stands out relative to the main text;
  • Abstract – in the upper left corner;
  • Conclusion and References – in the lower right corner;
  • Materials and methods, Results – the remaining space in a logical sequence.
The poster should have the following required elements of the demonstration:
– illustrations, graphs, formulas, tables, pictures;
– other information that the author considers important for the assessment work.
Attention! The font of the poster should be readable from a distance of 2 meters

 Bank details for payment of the invoices in USD for foreign participants:

Номер рахунку: 26005148151.978 / UA673204780000000026005148151
Валюта рахунку: 978 (EUR)
Отримувач: ГО КМВОНАХТ
Код ЄДРПОУ / ІПН: 36289108
Beneficiary Bank:


 Purpose of payment: registration fee for the Conference “Food and Feed Technologies” and the name of the participant (necessarily).